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Endurance over Strength

Posted in Fitness, Survival with tags , , , on November 22, 2007 by jamesshrugged

When it comes to survival, endurance is the most important factor, with strength coming in a close second. The reason that endurance is first is that most tasks are repetitious. Walking, running, carrying objects, and fighting, are all often determined by how long you can perform. To build endurance, simply do many repetitions of whatever exercise you choose. Instead of running fast for a short period, run at a moderate pace for a long way. Of course there are times that strength and speed are important, but there is no need to neglect them. You can also do sprints, but focus on endurance.

Here ae some simple exercises that will raise your endurance.

1) Push ups. May be the perfect exercise. This will increase both strength and endurance in the arms, back chest and core.  There are also many, many variants of this exercise to help target certain areas.

2) Sit ups. Sit ups will strengthen the muscles of the core.

3) Running. Running is another great exercise, as it works several areas at once. It helps your legs, core, and cardio-respiratory fitness.

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