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Armor Piercing Ammunition

Posted in Armor, Combat, Handguns, Rifles with tags , , , , , on November 22, 2007 by jamesshrugged

The question most people ask about armor piercing (ap) ammo is “Why would anyone want it?” There are several reasons why it may be useful to have AP rounds.

One reason is that military grade body armor is commercially available and relatively cheap. Criminals can, and have, used such armor to help pull off their crimes, while police, armed only with 9mm bullets where unable to stop them.

The second reason is that it is safe to assume that in the case of an invasion by a foreign nation, their troops will be wearing body armor. If we are to have any chance at fighting back, we will need AP rounds.

Lastly, and most ominously, is the fact that event that a dictator takes control of our own government, our military and police forces will be used against us. In this sad situation, we would need AP rounds to defend us against the body armor and protection that we have supplied to what should have been out defenders.

Here is a resource on buying AP rounds:

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