How to make a Flame Thrower

How to make your own flamethower by some kid!
My flamethrower has two main parts, a gun/hose assembly, and the tank. I made the gun first:
It’s made entirely of parts you can get at your average hardware store. The hose connects to a stop valve, which connects to a short pipe nipple that’s tapped directly into the tank.
The tank took a while to make, because I let each set of chemical welds dry before doing the next ones. The ends of the tank are two 90 deg. elbows and two 90 deg. street elbows, welded to make two full 180 deg. “U”s. One side of the tank is a 2′ length of 4″ sch.40 PVC, the other is a 4″x4″x1.5” T with standard pipe attached to each 4” socket.
Before assembling the parts, I drilled and threaded the two holes I needed in the tank ends: a 1/4″ standard pipe hole for the outlet to the hose, and a 1/8″ standard pipe hole for the valve that I would use to pressurize the tank. Interesting note: 1/4″ and 1/8″ pipes have no actual relation to the measurements of distance commonly known as the quarter inch and eighth inch. The holes are actually 7/16″ and 11/32″ respectively. Hooray for non-metric measurements.
Next step: cement one end of the tank:
Then the other:
After the tank dried, I dredged up an old camping backpack to hold it. I cut a hole in the bottom of the pack and screwed the gun/hose assembly into the base of the tank.
Finally, I screwed in the Schrader valve (which I bought from, an excellent online retailer for PVC weapons and parts) to complete the tank:
Now the whole rig was ready for some pressure testing. Since I would soon be running the distinct risk of giving myself heat-assisted, deep tissue exfoliation, I was extra-careful to make sure there weren’t any leaks. I used up a lot of Teflon tape.

And, after filling the tank with water for a trial run, made sure the cleanout cap was on nice and tight
before flipping on the air compressor.
No leaks! At this point, I had quite possibly the world’s most kick-ass super-soaker.
Of course, I didn’t go through all that effort for a damn squirt gun. So I added a pilot light in the form of a blow torch.

Much better! The finished product:
There was only one thing left. Add some fuel (denatured alcohol; PVC is soluble in gasoline)

7 Responses to “How to make a Flame Thrower”

  1. kid I worship u u are a guiness

  2. Irving Bevar Says:

    Your flame throwers kind of cute, & have design of my own, but don’t have a way to produce a small ammount of “the orginal ww2 Napham” to go with it!

  3. To make napalm . Is very easy ! Its just 2 ingredients. Nalpalm is basicialy soap and gasoline. The military uses naphaline { Moth balls} LOL but heres a way you can make gas into a jello like compound its all you are trying to achive. The soap you want to use is a bar soap just droped in gas i used 1 bar of of Zest bar soap to 1 mason jar of regular gas from you neighborhood gas station. drop the bar in a mason jar which is a quart like ya use for storing veggies. like grandma use to do. let it sit over night . and the bar of soap will swell and disintagrate and make a snotty like substance that will stick and burn to anything it lands on. and if ya need to thin it out just ad a little bit more gas and stur like you would with anything to thin it out. This whole process is totally safe as long as you keep treat is like gas or anything flammible. ( NALPALM IS JUST THICKINED GAS. ) THATS ALL NOTHING MORE NOTHING LESS.) How do i know this . (US ARMY FEILD MANUAL improvised munitions . FM- 21-76)

  4. attatch a zippo to a can of axe

  5. I use a regular squirt gun filled with rubbing alcohol and a pilot light is from one of those pocket soldering iron things. works great! also you could put that jelly mix in water baloons to help spread it if your gun wont fire the think jelly

  6. I very much like the design. No pictures showed up on my computer, but it sounded good in theory. I am into bulding things like this too. If anyone has any more designs they dont mind sharing of anything to do with pvc, my emaill adress is

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