Home made rifle silencer

tired of wearing hearing protection?


11 Responses to “Home made rifle silencer”

  1. Interesting but not particularly impressive seeing as it’s a .22 (.22 short?)

    Probably a hoax though. Sounds exactly like a beebee gun.

  2. Not a hoax. It’s a .22LR.

  3. As a survivalist you need to look at this machine. It can be seen in operation http://www.youtube.com search for Coot2 and also search for Versa Hitch.

    The couple of things I see onthis site are interesting. Can I see more?

  4. how do you aim propperly?

  5. to aim properly you could use a scope. red dot scopes are the best for shooting rabbits and things in town

  6. I have a potato gun but need a silencer for it, please help

  7. eddie gonzalez Says:

    I like the idea, how abaut coke can

  8. i like the idea

  9. Bob Hamlin Says:

    Would this work for a 17 HMR?

  10. I thank that the best way to make a .22lr silencer would be, to take a tall-boy beer can and feal it full of fiber-glass inslation

  11. fucking idiots

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