Here are a few tips on communicating anonymously.

1) Use public resources: Pay phones and Internet Cafe’s. Store items you don’t want to associate with yourself in a public facility; bowling alleys often have places for storage. They normally don’t check for ID, so give a fake name and info.

2) Use pre-paid cell phones, available from $30 from stores like Walmart. These allow you to call without signing anything, no information is provided. Use phone cards, pay with cash.

3) On that note, always pay with cash.

4) Never give identifiable information over the phone or internet. Things like your full name, social security number, address, etc. common sense.

5) when you mail something, do it from a busy drop box, wear gloves when handling anything than has to do with the letter or package. For gods sake, do not lick the stamp.

6) Use anonymous email, from the internet cafe. Hotmail is an obvious choice, since it takes about 3 seconds to set one up and no real personal information is required.


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